I am a firm believer in the power of education, and strengthening our nation’s education system to expand educational opportunities to every student must be a top priority. 

I proudly supported the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which replaced “No Child Left Behind,” and ensures public schools provide a quality education for all kids. We must continue to work towards closing the achievement gap for American students by supporting our schools and teachers with the tools and resources they need to educate a 21st century workforce.   We also must make changes to ensure higher education and skills training opportunities are affordable and accessible for all students. 

The unfortunate reality is that skyrocketing college costs are putting a college education out of reach for many families.  To help address this, I have supported legislation that prevented student loan interest rates from doubling, and locked in rates for new student loans to prevent rates from skyrocketing in the future.

This is an important step, but the job is far from finished. Over 45 million borrowers in the United States collectively owe more than $1.75 trillion in student loan debt. This is a crisis that prevents people of all ages from saving, owning a home, and living fulfilling lives. We cannot allow our education system to become synonymous with generational debt. That’s why I have consistently supported the Biden/Harris Administration’s actions in addressing the student debt crisis.

Unfortunately, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court ruled against the Administration’s plan to provide student debt relief to millions. That ruling inflicted devastating hardships on the students and young adults who suffer under the crushing weight of student debt.

Thankfully, the Biden-Harris Administration responded by announcing the income-based repayment SAVE Plan to reduce monthly payments and pause interest from accruing while repaying debt.

I am a cosponsor of legislation that would codify the SAVE plan and give borrowers certainty. While it is good that the administration is acting, I will continue to push congress to establish more durable student loan practices in law. 

I am also a cosponsor of legislation that would double Pell Grant awards to help everyone afford a quality education.

I will keep working to ensure that we can make education and workforce training affordable and accessible for everyone.