Doris’ Work in Congress

During her time in Congress, Doris has accomplished much for the Sacramento region, for Sacramento families and for the nation as a whole.  As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, she crafts legislation to address critical issues facing our nation today, including health care, energy policy, technology, consumer protection, food safety, environmental quality and American manufacturing.  Through her committee work, and through legislation, Doris has been able to support local clean-tech businesses and health care organizations, helping create good jobs for Sacramentans.

The geography of Sacramento and its surrounding areas results in the region having one of the highest risks of flooding in the country.  Doris has worked to improve our levees, increase flood protection, and make it affordable for residents to have flood protection insurance.  She has been a fierce champion for the region’s flood protection priorities, securing hundreds of mllions of dollars in federal funding, project authorizations, and changes to policies that will help protect Sacramento for years to come.

Doris has always worked to make health care affordable and accessible to all.  As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, she helped craft the Affordable Care Act, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that residents understand their rights and options for health care.  She is also a long-time supporter and advocate for mental health.  She authored bipartisan legislation, the Excellence in Mental Health Act, to expand the mental health safety net.  This legislation was one of the few bills that passed Congress in 2014 and was signed into law, a major victory that will invest an additional $1 billion in mental health care across the nation.

Doris recognizes that the technology policies that are enacted today, will shape our economy and our world tomorrow.  She is at the forefront of the fight in Congress to expand access to affordable high-speed Internet services, and is a leading advocate for preserving net neutrality, ensuring the Internet stays open and free for all.