Technology is rapidly changing and always evolving.  As the Vice-Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, and as co-chair of the High Tech Caucus, I am working to address the pressing technology issues of today – and tomorrow.

Access to the Internet is essential in today’s world, and I believe that in order to remain competitive everyone must have access to the tools needed to innovate and succeed.  I have introduced legislation to help close the digital divide, increasing access and affordability of Internet services for all.  I have also introduced several bipartisan bills to help our nation meet its future spectrum demand, ensuring next generation technologies can be developed and used by consumers.

One of the biggest technology issues of our time is the issue of net neutrality.  I have heard from hundreds of Sacramento residents who are concerned about the future of the Internet.  I strongly support net neutrality.  A free and open Internet is essential for consumers and to encourage innovation in our country.  I introduced legislation that would restore strong net neutrality rules that were undone by the Trump Federal Communications Commission.  

The pandemic stressed global supply chains, but was especially disruptive to the supply of semiconductors. This severe shortage caused factories to close, workers to get furloughed, and the price of cars and electronics to increase dramatically. That’s why I introduced the CHIPS for America Act to increase American semiconductor manufacturing and research capacity. On August 9, 2022, President Biden signed the CHIPS Act which will provide $52 billion in funding to create new semiconductor manufacturing facilities, increase R&D in states like California, and create new, high-paying jobs all while lowering the prices of consumer goods.