Technology is rapidly changing and always evolving.  Innovation has always been America’s competitive edge. To stay ahead in the 21st Century economy, we need to support research, development, and new technological breakthroughs to create family-sustaining jobs here in Sacramento.

I’m committed to bringing more innovation and equality to technology. That means ensuring every American has access to fast, affordable broadband no matter where they live; harnessing AI to create jobs; and reining in Big Tech. These advances will mean better connectivity, more sophisticated healthcare, and lasting job opportunities for our children.

As Chair of the High-Tech and Spectrum Caucuses I’m working to expand broadband access across the country and ensure the swift and responsible deployment of next generation technologies.

As ranking Member of the Communications and Technology Subcommittee in the House, I have a unique opportunity to increase innovation and equity in technology.

I’m proud to have led the CHIPS Act in the House. As the lead Democrat, I helped secure $52 billion in semiconductor investments that will boost our economy and strengthen national security.

From Bosch to Intel and many companies in between, this federal funding is creating jobs and growing our region’s economy. There are going to be many opportunities for local companies to secure federal funding and as the lead House Democrat, I’m working to bring that funding home.

I worked to include $42.5 billion in the IIJA for the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program to close the digital divide. Under BEAD, California will receive $1.86 billion to increase connectivity. The IIJA also included the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to help low-income consumers afford a home broadband connection. This program provides a $30 benefit for qualifying low-income households.

The CHIPS Act, IIJA, and IRA create new opportunities for Sacramento to keep innovating.

I’m also proud to have taken steps to rein in Big Tech. My Algorithmic Justice and Online Platform Transparency Act will ensure that websites are acting responsibly and prohibit discriminatory algorithms. From election misinformation to the mental health of our children, I’m committed to maintaining strict oversight on Big Tech.