Below are some of Doris Matsui's key legislative priorities.

Health Care

The health care law that was enacted in the spring of 2010 is a major step forward in providing affordable, quality care to all. I will continue to fight for its full implementation, so that all American families can benefit from it. Join me in advocating affordable access to healthcare for hard working American families.

Jobs and the Sacramento Economy

Rebuilding our economy and putting Sacramentans back to work remains my number one priority. In light of state and local budget cuts, ensuring the federal government is responsive to our region’s needs has never been more important to me.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Flood protection and ensuring our District has the necesary infrastruture to ensure public safety and grow its economy are among my top priorities.

Clean Energy

Clean energy is a growing industry, filled with both promise and potential. As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, I have made it a top priority to bring clean energy technology to Sacramento and transform our district into a global leader



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